Mark Kessler

Mark Kessler is a Corporate Executive with more than 25 years Management and Business Development experience.

Mr. Kessler has dedicated a large part of his professional career developing strategic business lines for national non-profit and for-profit organizations, most of which focuses on training, employing and accommodating individuals with disabilities.

As the Vice President of Innovation & Business Development at Global Connections to Employment (GCE), Mark Kessler is responsible for developing strategic lines of business and overseeing the organization’s expansion into international markets.

During his tenure with SourceAmerica’s Business Development division, Mark developed many innovative and sizable AbilityOne contract opportunities. These projects significantly changed the landscape of Non-Profit Agencies (NPAs) performing within the Total Facilities Management (TFM) line of business and created thousands of jobs for individuals with disabilities.

As the Director of Operations and Business Development for Job Squad Inc., an AbilityOne provider, Mr. Kessler was instrumental in the development of new Federal and State contracts, resulting in the creation of hundreds of employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Additionally, Mark was responsible for operational oversight and customer relations.

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