COVID-19 Could Revolutionize Work Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Working from home has become the “new normal” for many of us during the COVID-19 pandemic. While this clearly has its downsides, one group in particular may benefit a great deal: people with disabilities. This is important because people with disabilities are often at a significant disadvantage in the workplace. Research shows they often face negative […]

A Division of Love

DUKES’s DELITES is a Lehigh Valley, PA healthy dog treats company that employs young adults with Autism & Development Disabilities. Love Ran Red Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 from Allentown, PA whose main mission is to help families with Autism and Developmental Disabilities. Being part of the Duke’s Delites team empowers our employees/volunteers to be […]

Reimagining the Post-Covid People and Environment for Disability Employment

In the past 18 months since Covid-19 was first discovered, the world has seen a new norm in the way weddings, birthdays, festivals and other special occasions are celebrated. Companies too have had to do away with lavish corporate functions such as dinner and dance parties, moving them online instead.   Naturally, environmentalists are rejoicing […]

From our Oceania Member: ACTIV

While Australia has been fortunate compared to the rest of the world in its handling of COVID-19, the pandemic has still had an impact on people living with disability and the services they receive. At Activ, we provide individualised services for over 1,900 people living with intellectual disability in accommodation, community, employment, training and education, […]

Reopening in a Crisis is NOT Business as Usual

Lockdown orders during the COVID-19 pandemic closed society and created barriers to providing in-person services. Each state in the United States created its own protocols and requirements often following the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organizations guidelines. COVID-19 continues to dramatically impact people, organizations, and economies around the world, posing challenges that […]

Applying Universal Workplace Accommodations for Invisible Disabilities

What are invisible disabilities? What can we do at the workplace to help everybody work more productively and inclusively? Invisible disabilities, as the name suggests, are lifelong impairments that cannot be detected just by looking at a person’s physical state. Examples of invisible disabilities include autism spectrum disorder (ASD), intellectual disability, hearing impairment, partial vision-loss […]

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