Our Mission

To connect organizations across the globe that champion rights and opportunities for people with disabilities.

Our Values

Equity in employment for people with disabilities everywhere.

Our Vision

The vision of WI is that worldwide, people living with disabilities will:

1.  Have the same right to work and equality of opportunity to employment and in employment as all other citizens;

2.  Sustain similar levels of employment to those of people without disabilities;

3.  Be entitled to participate in all types of employment and work, with the appropriate supports regardless of their level of disability;

4.  Receive all necessary support through the ability of members as employment facilitators to provide financially viable world-class services, employment services and advocacy.

In addition and in respect of workers with disabilities, member organisations of Workability International shall:

1.  Encourage personal development through opportunities for career advancement and the acquisition of occupational and life skills;

2.  Promote the concept of self-determination in work and employment;

3.  Be dedicated to best practice and high quality in employment activities, progression and transition services;

4.  Actively seek to ensure a decent quality of life and a safe and inclusive working environment;

5.  Ensure appropriate participation in decision-making at all levels of the organisation within its consultative structures.

Workability International shall:

1.  Encourage its members’ to benchmark its outcomes against best practice worldwide;

2.  Respect the diversity of the cultural values and economic circumstances of its members.

Why join Workability International?

We provide membership connection with an International Network of like-minded organisations and people all working to promote the Workability International vision in the interest of people living with disability seeking to be engaged in meaningful work.

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